How will I receive my payment and when?

We will set up a Client Account for you, in which all the revenue from the bookings will be deposited into. We will deduct any costs associated with managing the property and will deposit the profits into your own personal account. We pay our partners on the 6th working day of every month.

Do I have to pay for bills?

Yes, some.

Expenses that are not related directly to the management of the property are the responsibility of the partner. Some of these include; Gas and Electricity, Business Rates/Council Tax,TV Licence, Broadband 

Do I have to pay a deposit?

It depends, on the pricing option selected.

Yes, if you opt for a Classic Booking Service or Classic Commission Management service then a £150 deposit is necessary and is returned after 28 nights of occupancy.

No, If you opt for a Guaranteed Rent Management service or Profit Split Management service then no deposit is payable.

What happens if the revenue is less than the guaranteed Rental amount in any given month?

You will be paid no matter what.

If the property makes less money than your guaranteed rental amount, then we will pay you out of our own pockets.

How Quickly Can You Start?

Very quickly.

For those wanting a quick start, we aim to have the property listed and ready to accept guests in less than 2 weeks. 

Do I have to get the property ready myself?

Not Entirely.

Although you must undertake the decoration of the property yourself, Eden Burgh can provide a number of services before the property goes live to reduce the hassle, including; Photography, Risk Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments, Gas Safety Checks, PAT Checks, Create the Listing, Creating a Welcome Book and more.

Do I need to install WiFi in the property?

Yes, absolutely

Among other things, WiFi is a household essential. Guests should expect good quality WiFi throughout their stay. Without WiFi, the property may receive poor reviews which can harm future bookings.

Does my property need to be luxurious?

Not necessarily.

This is up to you. There are many property types and price points; therefore you can decide how luxurious or modest your let is.

As a minimum, Eden Burgh requires the property to meet the 3-star grading for self-catering units as detailed by Visit Scotland.

Does my property need to be available to book throughout the year?

It depends, on the pricing option selected.

If a partner opts for a Classic Booking Service or Classic Commission Management service then the partner is free to decide when to make the property unavailable, except during periods of previously confirmed bookings.

If a partner opts for a Guaranteed Rent Management service or Joint Venture Management service then the property must be made available for the entire year. Exceptions include pre-planned maintenance periods.

Do I have to manage the guests, maintain the property and do the cleaning?

It depends on the pricing option selected.

If a partner opts for a Classic Booking Service then the partner is responsible for the guests stay, maintaining the property and the cleaning.

For any other pricing option, Eden Burgh will be responsible for managing the guests, maintaining the property (except significant and structural works) and the cleaning.

What insurance policies does Eden Burgh have?

We have; Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Employees Insurance and in some circumstances Contents Insurance for each property we manage.

Do I need Insurance?

Even though many of the OTAs such as Airbnb and have insurance that will cover you in the event of damage to the property or its contents, you will still need your own personal and specific insurance cover.

You will need; Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Contents Insurance and Buildings Insurance.

We can refer you to a reliable insurer.


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